When I stop to see where I am, I don’t know where to look first.

Funny but true. What about this- I like the creative process, with me it usually does not take a specific direction while I look for some type of positive result.  No actual start or end, just a process that starts going and eventually stops.  Never mind, its just psycho babble 🙂

A day or two back I posted my hand notes on some ideas and what I thought should be done next on the proverbial “to do” list.   It all has to do with my discovery of the double and triple pendulum theory.  Double and triple pendulums are mesmerizing to watch and fascinate me for some reason and the concept fits right in with my clock sculptures and movement ideas. I have hit a creative mother load!

I now have a completed working model so I could “see” how they work when you change a variable in the theory.  The model turned out so well I’d like to sell it as a kinetic sculptural “kit”.  Similar to the popular “swinging sticks” from the movie Iron Man II but, first things first….

Keep it in the back of your mind I have two possible uses for my working model- a clock movement and a kinetic sculpture.  By the time I’m done showing you what is what, I’ll being strolling down the creative process path not knowing for sure whether I’m coming or going- good stuff but way to confusing to explain.  So, to keep it simple lets start with a picture and a video of what I’m talking about.

The basic parts I used to make the structure…

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