Lift Load Move Tow vehicle

I found this while trucking just North of New Hampton at an Ag dealership.  It’s a 2000 Ford E450 Super Duty with a 7.3 V8 Powerstroke diesel. How fitting that it was a former Ambulance and spent most of the 133,000 miles on the highway (Paramedic truckers)?  So much for inside jokes….. anyway, it’s just enough highway miles to get the bugs out. Continue reading Lift Load Move Tow vehicle

Wayne’s tree leads to repair/ rebuild upper controls

After making all upgrades and repairs to the D/D, it was time to take her out and put her to work.  Wayne had a tree in his backyard that needed to come down and it was situated between his house and the neighbors. Very close to both dwellings so that you could not just cut it down and let it fall. Limb by limb would have to be cut and then winched out of harms way. We spent about 8 hours getting the job done and it was not without problems. Continue reading Wayne’s tree leads to repair/ rebuild upper controls

Auger stow bracket repair

I spent the whole day yesterday fixing the auger stow bracket which had been badly bent and poorly repaired before I purchased the truck. While testing the derrick functions last fall during other repairs, I went to stow the auger and the stow latch mechanism failed to deploy. After inspection it was clear everything was bent up and binding.  I made a temporary fix to get the auger stowed until I could work on it in upcoming spring. Continue reading Auger stow bracket repair