Get stupid and start thinking

I’ve made a simple but obvious conclusion, again.  Most things worth doing are difficult if you want to do them right.  Relate this to what I have written in the past.  It’s been difficult and usually never completely right.  But, most everything has had purpose…(as if saying that makes it justified or acceptable).  For the most part it’s been an exercise in selling you something.  Either Purple Martin stuff or what I think is right or wrong in the world.  In both cases, I’m trying to sell you the idea that what I’m telling you, …you should believe.  The Purple Martin stuff works, at least people make purchases. Continue reading Get stupid and start thinking

Wireless remote control for a digiscope or videoscope user

I’m new to digi/video scoping but in my experimenting have come up with a way to control and move my Handycam super slowly from a remote location using DC motors. I’m wondering if I’m on to something new or unique that anyone else would find useful?

What motivated me to build this thing  are the problems I’ve run into.  I won’t be telling people who use digi/video scopes anything new but I think they are important to mention- I wanted a high resolution picture using a telephoto/zoom lens where I could see and overall picture and then zoom in on a bird of choice and found out it can be hard to take a clear picture from long distance using a large amount of optical zoom. Wind and hand movements caused unwanted and non-precise movements. Also, when trying to locate my tiny subject from a great distance it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Obviously the very reason I wanted telescopic pictures, I couldn’t get close enough to the bird to see the details. When you’re far enough away from what it is you want to see in detail so that you don’t scare it off, you are likely to be to far away altogether to even see it in the first place or worse yet, even have a chance at finding it. I needed to be farther away with greater zoom and the more distance you create between you and the subject seems to jack up the cost exponentially of everything available to do such a thing. My thinking was, if I could be invisible or removed from the area, then I could use a shorter zoom lens, have better quality pics and not scare the birds off. Continue reading Wireless remote control for a digiscope or videoscope user

Web development and information analysis, I can help

I have been working with computers for a long time. My first jump on the web (the Internet) was in college when it was considered a intercollegiate means of research and was back in the mid eighties, way before Al Gore said he invented it. One of the love hate relationships I have developed over this time is installing new applications and trying out whatever software may be necessary for the task at hand and trying to understand the documentation provided by the software developer. I love the results if I can use the software and it helps improve my situation and I hate the documentation. Continue reading Web development and information analysis, I can help

Web sales model for the future

This will be clear as mud to some of you and have absolutely no meaning.  But to those who have been involved with the internet over the years you can see how my model of selling information is going to be important in the future.  The idea is simple.  More exposer, more revenue.  Not a new idea but the way I do it is different.  I stick to one particular audience and to that which I know best.  I bring in others with like characteristics and then multiply the shared information to those looking for it by supplying it in a new envelope or package, so to speak.  Not a new concept either, I’m sure.   Continue reading Web sales model for the future