Winter work

It’s shaping up to be a long winter based on the weather so far. In fact, I’ll put money on it that it will set some records for the coldest temps in a long time. In early December we had temps similar to the sub zero temps and wind chills we see in the last two weeks of January or the first two weeks, in February. Nasty cold and I really have grown to dislike it even more, particularly with age. I understand now why all the old folks want to head south for the winter. Continue reading Winter work

reclaimed lumber and new construction

barnI’m interested in building a pole shed, a newer construction type that when completed will be used as a shop and for storage. Having a love for historical architecture, I would like to use reclaimed material where possible. Specifically an old barn structure hand crafted using post and frame elements. My purpose is to re-capture the historical charm from past construction technics and to save on trees. Accomplishing such a thing will be difficult because I will not be able to purchase used/reclaimed lumber at an affordable price for my situation. This disturbs me and after giving it some thought I came up with a pseudo rationalization and solution to the problem.  I call it pseudo because it is a social problem and involves more than one simple issue and I am just scratching the surface, this type of subject never really finds resolve. Continue reading reclaimed lumber and new construction