building my first app

After being highly resistant to learning html 15 years ago, I’m at a place in my skills where I can confidently start a new programming venture. Spending all the time learning Arduino code in the 7 or so years it took to build the sparrow shooter helped immensely. They say once you learn how to code in one language, it’s a lot easier to pick up other languages and it is true.

By no means would I consider my coding worth a hoot compared to the real programmers out there but, I can hack my way around good enough to have all kinds of fun. Which gave me the idea to build an app for work.  Why not have some fun and if it turns out like most things I do, it may be good enough to cash in on- Ha!

I started last night with downloading the tools. An IDE (integrated development environment) which included a SDK(software development kit) or vice versa, doesn’t matter it’s all Googled up nicely to make it easy for anyone interested in going in such a direction. Need to have the proper tools to do it right, anyway you look at it. So, I’ll be posting what I find interesting and important to write about, usually what I can’t figure out and need to clarify.

One thought on “building my first app”

  1. That was a big idea going nowhere fast. After a full days work it brought back many memories of coding. I really don’t want to go down that road again, I have way too many other things to do. Let the app makers rule! 😛

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