2005 Suburban

2005 K1500 Z71

5.3L Vortex

When winter showed up and I was without the Z71 pickup, all of a sudden I felt naked without a 4X4. So, I spent a couple of weeks shopping for something and ended up getting a clean well used Suburban. I’ve owned a couple of pickup trucks with toppers and have liked the covered cargo idea. Since I have trailers to hall bigger stuff that might not fit under a topper/pickup combo I somehow got on the idea that a suburban might work well for my needs. In the past I have always ruled Suburbans out of my thinking. They were big gas hogs but for comparison these days, newer Suburbans get just as good of gas milage as my older pickup trucks, say around 17 mpg. Reconsidered and now I own a great hauling utility 4X4 and love it.

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